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Carpet Cleaning Miramar FL

Carpet Cleaning Miramar FL can provide it's clients with fresh and clean carpets. We use non-toxic chemicals and steam to thoroughly remove stains and dirt from carpets. Additional carpet sanitizer solutions and carpet protectants can also be added to these services. Call us now at 954-874-6334 and get a free estimate!

Green Care Cleaning

We, at Carpet Cleaning Miramar FL, use environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are 100% safe for pets, children and the environment. These products are biodegradable and are comprised on non-toxic chemicals. Green products contain natural cleaning ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals like ammonia. These products are particularly important for allergy sufferers who are sensitive to traditional cleaning agents. These products are also effective in destroying microbes, dust mites and bacteria that are imbedded in the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is important for all types of carpets no matter how old or new the carpets are. There are a variety of carpet cleaning services available - from dry cleaning to deep cleaning. Carpets that are relatively clean or new can be cleaned with dry carpet cleaning solution. This type of solution removes surface stains and dirt from the carpet. Deep cleaning services involve the use of hot water extraction in order to penetrate deep into the carpet to extract tough stains and imbedded dirt. We can also include sanitizer solutions which will ensure your carpet's quality to disinfect and protect carpets from dirt and debris.

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Steam Cleaning Service

Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean carpets. We use steam as the preferred method of cleaning. Steam cleaning uses hot water vapor to clean deep into carpets in order to remove dirt and stains. Because steam cleaning only uses water, it is completely non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and safe for everyone. Hot water extraction systems are now much more efficient so less water is used to clean carpets and this greatly reduces the time that carpets need to dry. Steam is also a very effective sanitation solution for dirty carpets. The steam is heated to a sufficiently high temperature so that it can kill and remove bacteria, dust mites and microbes from the carpet.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the cornerstones on which our service is built on is customer satisfaction. That's the reason we provide a full refund policy in any case of a customer not receiving exactly what he was promised. Call Now! 954-874-6334

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